Anatolia Before You


The series is the result of a seamless collaborative effort by educators, artists, art historians and experts at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum and various Turkish universities.

Suitable best for children ages 7 - 12, this colorful set of 16 slim books has been extended and republished in Turkish and English with the sponsorship of the Turkish Cultural Foundation. The books teach children about life, flora and fauna during various civilizations in Anatolia from the Stone Age to the present day, told from the perspective of a contemporaneous child. They invite children to think and to be active participants in learning.

Children who cannot yet read will enjoy looking at the illustrations alone, or attempting the interactive activities, while parents, teachers or older siblings read aloud. Independent readers will be invited by the hero or heroine of each book to explore their time, city, and culture while the pictures, narratives, and the activities will capture their attention.

With teachers or parents they can discuss questions inviting them to reflect on the particularities and achievements of past cultures, become active learners by applying what they have learned to new situations, and to compare their own times to the past. For example, they are invited to predict what future civilizations will say about their own, to design a city after learning about Prienne, or to decorate the interior of a period house. The books are richly illustrated with maps and photographs of period objects from excavations and museums.

Author: Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
Date: 2011