Natural Organic Lake Pigments Samples Box Set


The Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) Natural Dyes Research and Dyes Research and Development Laboratory (DATU) is pleased to present a collection of 30 colors of natural organic lake pigments.

The DATU Pigment Collection is the largest such collection and represents the first of its kind produced from dye insects and dye plants indigenous to Turkey. The pigments may be used in decorative arts, as well as in the restoration of paintings, frescos, miniatures, paper marbling and illumination art.

The collection also includes detailed certificates about the chemical and physical properties of each featured pigment and information on which natural source it was derived from. Color Codes,colors and weights are listed below.

Orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees by the destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Box Details;

  • Ru000001 Light red 12 g.
  • Ru000002 Red 14 g.
  • Ru000003 Light red 13 g.
  • Da000001 Purple 20 g.
  • Da000002 Pink 13 g.
  • Da000003 Light pink 12 g.
  • Da000004 Violet 12 g.
  • Re000001 Yellow 10 g.
  • Re000002 Yellow 19.5 g.
  • Re000003 Yellow 13 g.
  • Re000004 Yellow 18 g.
  • Rh000001 Yellowish 10 g.
  • Rh000002 Yellowish 20 g.
  • Rh000003 Yellow 20 g.
  • In000001 Blue 17 g.
  • In000002 Dark blue 20 g.
  • Qs000001 Light brown 20 g.
  • Qs000002 Light brown 22 g.
  • Qf000001 Black 22 g.
  • InRh0001 Dark green 22 g.
  • InRhRe01 Green 16 g.
  • InDa0001 Purple 19 g.
  • InRe0001 Light green 20 g.
  • InRhDa01 Gray 15 g.
  • ReRu0001 Orange 20 g.
  • ReRuDa01 Somon colour 17 g.
  • ReRuRh01 Orange 14 g.
  • RuRhQf01 Brown 20 g.
  • RuDa0001 Dark pink 19 g.
  • RhDa0001 Orange 17 g.